Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto with the Munich Philharmonic and Yefim Bronfman

Münchner Merkur

“Nelsons animates them to real flights of fancy thanks to his rousing devotion; he literally lets us bathe in Prokofiev’s lush floods of sound, but at the same time ensures spring-water-clear transparency; he makes cantilenas blossom, but also sets electrifying rhythmic accents. In the lively scherzo and in the rousing finale, he pushes the orchestra to the limits of what is playable with extremely brisk tempos: The musicians, brilliantly disposed and refreshingly motivated, can show off virtuosically – and even captivate in frenzied frenzy with breathtaking accuracy. Ovations.”

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Phänomenale Präzision

Münchner Merkur Er hockt da wie ein Fels vor dem Flügel: Affektierte Attitüde hat Yefim Bronfman nicht nötig. Der 53-jährige Pianist bringt sämtliche Voraussetzungen mit, um einen Brocken wie ...

Strauss with the BSO and Yo-Yo Ma

“Any suspicion that the project is merely an excuse for a couple of top orchestras to show off is soon dispelled. Nelsons’ Strauss is the opposite of extrovert — ...