Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra / Orfeo album release

"Nelsons’s Brummies [the CBSO] pump fresh air through the notes. […] His sunrise is sublime in the original, uncorrupted meaning of that word – an unfathomable beauty so awe-inspiring that it terrifies with the same intensity it beguiles [...]

Gramophone MagazinePhilip Clark

A sensibly paced tempo that refuses to let Strauss’s material become weighed down by its own import helps; […] Nelsons keeps a discreet distance, letting Strauss’s vibrant, alive harmony take the strain. […] I’m handing the ultimate accolade to Andris Nelsons, whose version embodies many of Karajan’s qualities while telling us lots we didn’t already know about this inscrutable, endlessly fascinating score. Nelsons is Superman.”

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