First Time Ever: Joint Interview With Andris Nelsons & Keith Lockhart

"Two of the greatest artists in this city, usually thought of as soloists but appearing tonight, for the first time ever in an interview as a duo [...]


Andris Nelsons (@andris_nelsons) hails from Riva, Latvia, and after one year as the music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, he recently extended that contract through the year 2022.  And Keith Lockhart (@KeithLockhart) is celebrating a 20th anniversary at the helm of The Boston Pops.

Nelsons and Lockhart joked about Nelsons’ new role, as Lockhart’s boss. But Lockhart had high praise for his new boss, applauding Nelsons on his “spirit, fire, energy.”

“He is inspiring this orchestra to go to greater plateaus,” said Lockhart.

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