European Tour with Gewandhausorchester

“Throughout, Andris Nelsons was the master craftsman, giving directions that were always crisp but varied in breadth from fine tuning up to strokes so broad as to be violent."

BachtrackDavid Karlin

“…there’s no doubting the power and theatricality that Nelsons brings to this music.

…the finale was irresistible, sweeping all before it on a flood of brass tone that never overwhelmed the rest of the orchestral picture.” (The Guardian)

„Nelsons played the Symphony No.5 big, loud and panoramic. The opening funeral march shook the rafters. The much-loved Adagietto (remember Visconti’s Death in Venice?) was stretched to the limit as it gazed into the distance. It is not easy to hold together a performance on this scale but Nelsons kept the narrative going…Old-world musicianship still counts for a lot.“ (Financial Times)

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